About Me

My name is Agha Haider and I’m currently a high school senior based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Throughout my middle and high school career, I’ve worked on a multitude of projects ranging from founding a 501(c)3 non-profit organization during my eighth grade year to establishing a scholarship fund this past year.

My hometown of St. Louis has shaped my perspective as I’ve realized the critical importance of giving back to  my community. I’ve learned that it’s up to my generation to right the wrongs of the past by working toward bridging the achievement gap in education—a problem created by generations long before ours.

Finding solutions to problems I encounter in my community and across the world is my life’s work.

Keep scrolling to view some of my past and current projects.

Next Young Leaders Program (2021-Present)

The Next Young Leaders Program is an all-new program focused on providing high school juniors with an opportunity to navigate the college process, receive a mentorship, and a scholarship towards their college education. For more details, visit nextyoungleaders.carrd.co.


Two Stripes, Three

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Gentleman’s Grey Concrete Wall

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Pink Action Shoot

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Ghost Riding on the Van

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