Agha Haider is a 17-year-old philanthropist and changemaker who has worked on numerous projects throughout his middle and high school career. With a passion for creating tangible change, Agha’s life work focuses on addressing the inequities within the education system by developing projects that support disadvantaged youth.

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Questions? Email agha@aghahaider.com.

My Projects

Literacy Initiative

Founder & Executive Director January 2017 – Present

The Literacy Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on providing after-school programming opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Since 2017, we’ve distributed over 35,000 books and supported over 27,000 disadvantaged youth through our programming.

The goal of the organization is for students to build a healthy spirit, mind and body through programs that mentor, engage in sports, and support reading. 

For more information, visit literacy-initiative.org.

Instagram: @theliteracyinitiative

The Education Collaborative

Founder & Executive Director August 2020 – Present

The Education Collaborative is a non-profit organization focused on breaking down socioeconomic barriers in arts education.

We work with underfunded schools across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to develop virtual programming focused on connecting professional actors with disadvantaged students to provide them with an opportunity to grow their acting skills.

More information coming soon. In the meantime, keep up with the work we’re doing by visiting our Instagram account, @theeducollab.

Next Young Leaders Program

The Next Young Leaders Program is a project under The Education Collaborative set to launch in March of 2021. This program brings together talented youth in the arts and provides them with an opportunity to receive a one-on-one mentorship from a professional actor and a scholarship towards their college education. 

One student from the United States will receive a $20,000 scholarship, four students from the United States will receive a $1,000 scholarship, and five students from the United Kingdom will receive a $1,000 scholarship, amounting to $30,000 in total.

Agha’s Interview Corner

Below are a few of my archived interviews from 2018.

Contact Agha

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact Agha using one of the following methods below. Agha loves to speak with other young people regarding his work and help others create and develop their own initiatives and projects.

Email: agha@aghahaider.com

Instagram: @YungPhilanthropist