Interview w/ Phoebe Keough

Phoebe Keough is an aspiring actress that loves comedy and improv. She is currently a member of Second City Hollywood’s Detention Hall Teen Troupe. Phoebe has done commercials and was Lauren on an episode of ABC’s Alex, Inc. Next school year, she will be the ASB corresponding secretary and is looking forward to being involved and making things happen at school. Agha Haider, founder of Positivity + Creativity, interviewed Phoebe regarding her hobbies and community service work.

What are your hobbies? 

My hobbies include roller skating, improv, running, playing the ukulele, reading, writing screenplays and just hanging out and having a good time with friends and family.

How do you spread positivity through social media? 

I spread positivity through social media by being approachable and relatable. I want people to see I am a real teen and that our “worth” is not about how many likes you get but about making people feel good when they see my post.

What community service work have you done in the past?

I love giving back to the community. Some of the things I have done include: for my 13th birthday I collected toys, books, games, etc. for the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital to me my birthday is a celebration with family and friends so I loved making it just that and asking for gifts to celebrate the children and teens at the hospital. I also will make each birthday about giving to and celebrating others. In the fall, I work with our local PTAs to do Kindness Kits each fall. We provide toiletries and items to help the homeless get through the colder months. At school I am a WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Leader and help to make middle school a fun and safe place for students as well as being there if they need someone to talk to.

What are the benefits of doing community service?

The benefits of doing community service is seeing the smiles on people’s faces and realizing that people in my community have more hope because they are cared about. When the local and global come together for a cause or causes it spreads positivity and promotes togetherness, kindness and compassion.

How has community service impacted your life?

Community service has impacted my life by helping me to be a part a wide range and diverse group of people. I understand other cultures, and backgrounds better. I feel more compassionate and aware of the world. It has helped me develop better communication skills and do something for the causes that I believe in. This next school year I am hoping to work with my ASB teacher to have a year long community service project our whole school can participate in.

Who is your role model?

I know it sounds cliche but my role model is my mom. I learned about giving back to the community from her. Each year she cleans out her closet to donate things she hasn’t worn in a while to the battered woman’s shelter. She also gives selflessly to anyone who needs it. Even in the toughest times she keeps a smile on her face and always has a positive answer to not so positive situations. She is my number #1 fan and supports me in everything I do!

You can follow Phoebe on her Instagram.

Published by Agha Haider

Founder of Positivity + Creativity

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